I WAS pleased to read ('Shop launches shampoo bar', Craven Herald Diary, April 29) that Morrisons, like other good supermarkets, are rising to the challenge of reducing our use of plastic bottles by selling shampoo bars packaged in cardboard.

However, I would like to point out to your readers that shoppers needn't pay £3 per shampoo bar for their commitment to a cleaner environment. I learned from my neighbour some time ago that an ordinary bar of bath soap works just as well if not better than more expensive shampoo bars.

Although sceptical I tried it and she was right. My preferred soap also comes in a cardboard box but costs about 75 per cent less than £3. If readers are interested they can shop around for the soap that suits them at little cost. It they don't like one bar for their hair they can still use it in the bath so nothing is wasted.

Geraldine Reardon