I CAN go one better than the reader using ordinary soap as shampoo ('Cost-saving idea for a hair shampoo bar' Craven Herald letters, May 6).

One day back in the early lockdown era as I was washing my hands in the kitchen with a long-established brand of hand soap, I picked up a plastic container from the draining board which was obstinately greasy after repeated attempts to clean it using a well-known washing-up liquid.

I carefully wiped it over with my soapy hands, rinsed it with my hands under the tap and - hey presto - no grease. I went on to try cleaning other items with hand soap; result - instant easy cleaning.

Then I thought if soap kills covid on our hands, why not on door handles and milk bottles? I now use nothing but hand soap for everything - at night I wash my face, the washbasin and hands in that order. And I don’t get sore hands either. I regularly put vinegar and bicarbonate of soda down all the plug holes, and occasionally bokashi liquid, to offset any drain blockage issues.

I glow in the thought of all the synthetic chemicals I’m not using, and rage at the con-trick practised by the pharmaceutical industry with all that artificial foam they generated to make us feel squeaky clean.

Joan Nicholson