I WAS very interested to see the photograph of the Phillip brothers outside their butcher shop in the High Street taken around 1909.

John Phillip who also ran the Craven Arms was my great grandfather.

His daughter Edith was my grandmother and her son William, my father.

My father William and my mother Dolly (who is still living) were also shop keepers and were the proprietors of a grocers shop known as D S Jones, in the 1940's and 50's, on the corner of Newmarket Street and Bunkers Hill, near to where the court house is, currently.

The shop name was that of the previous owner David Smith Jones, my parents retained that shop name.

In the 1960's my parents opened a children's outfitters shop at the bottom of Court Lane in a building which had previously been the Lakeland Laundry shop. This shop was called 'Pratts', Pratt is my parents' name.

This shop was demolished and a house belonging to Skipton Building Society is now on the site.

Linda Ryder


Note: The Photograph is reproduced by kind permission of the Ellwood family, Mrs V. Rowley, and North Yorkshire County Council, Skipton Library. More pictures of Skipton and the area can be seen at www.rowleycollection.co.uk where copies of photographs can also be purchased.