ON the first day of fine weather for too long, a group of us tackled Section one of the Dales Highway - Saltaire to Skipton - on Saturday May 29.

The unexpected dryness of the heat found us starting to run low on water by the time we were skirting Addingham. A local, who was sat in his car, inquired as to 'how we were doing' and so we told him.

Without hesitation, he went to his house and brought us two big bottles of ice cold water, which we gratefully quaffed. He would accept no payment for his generosity, remarking that he had been the recipient of a similar act of kindness on the Dales Way a while back. Suitably refreshed and with spirits restored we virtually gambolled to the end of our walk!

It is life affirming to be reminded that, in a world of relentlessly grim news, kindness to strangers is still very much alive. I'd like to sincerely thank our anonymous benefactor via the Craven Herald in the hopes that he reads this and knows that, when the opportunity arises, we will 'pay it forward'.

Robert Roberts