DURING Covid regular pub customers have enjoyed enormous savings by drinking at home.

The camaraderie of the local has however been missed especially by lonely individuals.

Many returning customers are very disappointed with the hike in prices by (some) pub landlords especially the huge increase in spirit prices.

There is no need for this as the vast majority of tenants have no ties with wines and spirits.

For example you can buy a Litre of Grouse for under £16 which provides 28 measures of 35m equivalent to 57p a shot.

My fellow whiskey drinker would join two lager drinkers at the pub for three or four times a week.

Prior to Covid we would be served two double whiskeys for £8.25 not much higher than the lager consumed by our friends.

It is easy to serve and provides a gross profit of nearly £6 (300 per cent).

On our return from lockdown we now find that we are charged £11.70 for two large whiskeys providing the Landlord a gross profit of £9.42 ( 500 percent ).

Apart from anything else this causes embarrassment to our lager friends when

sharing rounds as lager increases are not on same scale.

I understand that overheads have to be taken into account but surely this is penalising

spirit drinkers

My answer of course is to enjoy my whiskey at home

Don Maclennan