WE are absolutely dismayed and angered at the attitude of Hawes councillor Jill McMullon , and her comments (Dales surge in younger visitors, Craven Herald May 20).

As a family we have enjoyed The Dales on our very frequent visits for over 50 years.

We have celebrated many family occasions and celebrations in rented accommodation , whilst spending thousands of pounds with local businesses. We were amongst the first supporters of Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) , and remain current supporters .

We are now retirees “renting cottages and bimbling around”, but still contributing to local business.

Perhaps Jill McMullon would prefer to fill The Dales with the type of people like the many yobs and “litter louts” we witnessed frequently last year, between lock-downs, at several beauty spots? I am sure the locals who live there would prefer us retirees who respect their property and the countryside.

If this person gets her way, then I am afraid these retirees will be finding a different area to rent cottages, have a bimble about, and spend our money, as we are clearly no longer welcome! Who does she think she is?

I have no idea of her age, but she would do well to remember that she too will be a retiree one day , and may like to “bimble about”!

Helen and David Smith



Note: At a meeting of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Cllr McMullon commented about the increase in younger visitors to the national park and said that it would be interesting to see what happens when foreign holidays were open again. She wanted the authority to push the exercise and fresh air opportunities otherwise it would be back to 'mainly having retirees who rent cottages and have a bimble around'.