THIS time last year, the rules for you and me were 'You must not have a work Christmas lunch or party, where that is a primarily social activity.'

This time last year, many of us were unable to spend the festive period with our loved ones. People had loved ones in hospital, unable to visit them and for many, never saw them, or held their hand again.

We all listened and obeyed the rules, as the Government instructed us to do so.

Meanwhile, the rule enforcers disregarded these rules, jovially quaffed on the finest food and fervently guzzled on top quality wine, laughing at you and me.

The lies, the arrogance, the disdain for empathy and the continual disregard for the people they rule, continues day-by-day and as they have a huge majority, they will continue do whatever they want.

Now is not the time for tamely seeking apologies and move on to the next corrupt story. This Government and those at the top need to be taken to task, the spotlight blinding them and more and more people opening their eyes to what we have in power.

They laugh at us!

Brian McDaid

Skipton and Ripon Labour Party representative