I MAY be wrong, but I don’t think J Horne of Skipton is a supporter of the Prime Minister or even the Conservative party (Johnson should be horsewhipped out of town, Craven Herald letters).

Whether Boris Johnson misled Parliament remains to be seen.

Yes, having a beer with people you’ve been working with during lockdown was ill thought out, but I’m sure many people across the country would be unable to cast the first stone.

Whilst the Prime Minister may be somewhat unconventional he has got us through a bad few years and done what the country wanted and needed. But get rid him?

There is nobody in his party good enough to take over and many who have never forgiven him for getting us out of the EU and are still doing their level best to disrupt Brexit and would love us to go begging to rejoin.

As for the other parties, the same goes regarding the EU and how could we trust the running of the country to supposedly well educated people who seem to be unable to grasp the facts of what a woman is.

The PM may be far from ideal but he’s the best we’ve got so let him get on with it.

Paul Morley

Long Preston