WITH regard to Paul Morley's letter I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I saw this affirmation of the PM. (PM may be far from ideal but he’s the best we’ve got, Craven Herald online letters).

If Boris Johnson is the best we've got then the UK is in a terrible state. This is a man who lies repeatedly, and when found out apologises, but only when pushed, but not for the offence but for being found out, then says move on.

A quick beer with colleagues misses the point, the PM introduced laws to safeguard the public then flouted these laws repeatedly and then claims not to have known!

Numerous ministers have resigned as they feel uncomfortable about the flagrant disregard for ethical and honest behaviour and multiple fines have been issued to the PM, chancellor and many other No. 10 staff.

This shows a total lack of emotional intelligence and demonstrates how far removed Johnson is from reality. This after breaking ministerial codes about donors paying for a major revamp of his accommodation and millions spent on a new facade for press conferences.

In a recent Good Morning Britain interview when advised of a poor pensioner who had to use a free bus pass to rides buses all day to stay warm, Johnson crowed "...well I introduced that bus pass!" Rather than understand that level of poverty that a woman could not afford to heat her house, could only afford 1 meal a day his priority is claiming credit for the bus pass.

There are many alternatives to Johnson, who has ably demonstrated he is not fit for office, within and outwith his party. Even Max Hastings a man who employed Johnson and hardly a leftie, has admitted he is not fit to be PM.

Dr Roy E Harvey

Carleton-in Craven