I READ the article about parking charges to be introduced for reservoir car parks with despair (Free parking could end at popular reservoir sites, June 8). I then saw the letter from John Shaw (Craven Herald letters, June 23) and I agree with his words.

My walks take me all over the place almost every day and Thruscross reservoir is my favourite of the three main ones in the area if I go that way.

As soon as parking charges are put in place, I think people will park anywhere and everywhere else, grass verges, blocking farm gateways, parking down the sides of narrow lanes, rather than pay the fees. Then litter and rubbish will be dumped, as if there isn't already enough fly-tipping and litter being left in so many places now. I've seen it all countless times, as I'm sure other countryside walkers do every day somewhere.

Honesty boxes could be a good alternative although a lot of people don't carry cash these days, which might mean not as much money being left as there has been in the past. However, I still think parking charges will just encourage people to park in all the wrong places as I've seen many on occasions before in busy times.

Tessa Bird