HAVING read the three glowing articles about two local Tory MPs (Julian Smith and Andrew Stephenson) in last week’s Craven Herald (January 5) I offer this for the sake of balance.

Mr Smith and Mr Stephenson have been part of the government which has given us record national debt, the highest ever tax burden, the longest ever NHS waiting lists, dirtier rivers, record poverty rates, the highest inflation in 40 years, inadequate social housing and social care and a shambolic Brexit to name but a few. They have consistently voted in support of the government’s agenda of cutting public spending, deregulation, the creeping privatisation of the NHS and the erosion of workers rights.

They also voted in favour of the elections bill which requires voters to provide photo id in order to cast their vote. This will make it harder for poorer people to vote, and is designed to help the Tories cling to power.

Mr Smith and Mr Stephenson may well be decent people, but they are also agents for the worst government in living memory. I hope people living in their constituencies remember this at the next General Election.

Doug Clark