THE Craven Herald clearly supports the building of the new Kex Gill road, as it has featured in the last two editions including last week’s editorial.

No doubt regular commuters will be pleased that the troublesome stretch of road is to be upgraded. However it is worth noting that over the years the bus service between Skipton and Harrogate has been eroded at an even worse rate than the steep hills of Kex Gill.

It now only runs on Saturdays, so if you live in Skipton and work in Harrogate you have to travel by car. I don’t recall a similar articles highlighting the paucity of public transport in the Craven area, or any articles supporting the national campaign to promote active travel.

Humanity is mired in a self made climate crisis and we ought to be taking less car journeys. The Craven Herald has got an important role in this so it is disappointing that a new road is given so much support and public transport and active travel scarcely get a mention.


Doug Clark