I WISH to ask a question.

Before dawn on Wednesday, April 5, gun-toting Zionist police stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem. Whilst claiming to be responding to “rioting” (pre-dawn rioting?), they beat worshippers with batons and used tear gas and sound bombs to force them out of the prayer halls, according to witnesses. At least 400 Palestinians were arrested.

Subsequently on Wednesday night as nearly 20,000 worshippers were still performing the Ramadan Taraweeh night prayer, the Zionist gunmen were back in force for the second consecutive night during Ramadan, using violence to forcefully expel the worshippers from the Muslim holy site.

It is frequently said that the Zionists have a right to defend themselves, typically by the US government which gives them annually $ 3.8 billion for such 'defence'.

My question is, Who and What have given the Zionists in Palestine the right of attack?

Richard Sykes