FINALLY there is some good news about the Aireville Park Leisure Centre (Craven Leisure), Skipton. The 500 solar panels and the heat pump are at last up and running. Which will be a huge help to the cost of running the centre and a significant environmental gain.

The credit for this should be shared by all involved from the old Craven District Council who worked together to come up with the idea and make it a reality. I often disagree with Conservative politicians but feel it only right and proper to recognise the serious work done by Richard Foster, the former leader of Craven District Council, and Councillor Simon Myers that contributed so much to achieving this.

It is fantastic to see this significant gain from cross party local collaboration. If there had been more of the same at Westminster then it would have enabled local councillors to insist on solar panels being put on the roofs of the hundreds of buildings that are now going up across the Craven area without them. Instead they are going up without taking advantage of simple ways of cutting bills and reducing carbon emissions.

Has there ever been anything more short sighted than building large numbers of brand new homes without taking advantage of opportunities of highly effective technology that would have made a real impact on the cost of living of the new occupants?

Councillor Andy Brown (Green Party)