I AGREE with Paul Morley’s letter (You would need a convoy of buses, Craven Herald, August 31).

However, while more buses will not solve the problem of the number of cars delivering visitors to Malham, a fleet of Chinook helicopters flying from Skipton, obviously meant in jest, does have the merit of getting visitors out of their cars.

Some 20 years ago a Market Towns Initiative conference in Settle came up with the idea of a system of cable cars plying over the tops between Settle and Malham.

While the distance covered is more than most cable-ways, the route could have a couple of interchanges giving the option of getting out and walking part of the way.

The cable cars would become an attraction in their own right, as would the interchanges, providing alternative starting points for walkers, and providing refreshment.

While not completely replacing the convenience of car access, this would become a tourist attraction in its own right, taking some of the pressure off the existing narrow access roads.

Powered by electricity from a couple of wind turbines would make the project environmentally sustainable.

They do it in the Alps, why not in the Pennines?

Sandy Tod