MY wife Pauline of over 60 years requires two new knees and is in constant pain. Nonetheless she still puts in three half days a week at Age UK Settle. I drive her there and back.

Recently we have experienced real problems obtaining a particular high pain relief drug. Saturday, September 9 she had run out completely and was in tears with pain.

I basically stood my ground in Boots Settle until they rang round to find somewhere stocking it. Not Boots in Skipton, rather a local pharmacy in Gargrave. I took the prescription there where I found a really helpful pharmacist who advised that they keep a supply.

I am 84 and 16 days earlier had successful surgery at Airedale. This has left me with a six inch abdominal scar and tender stomach. Not what you really want at my age in the then blistering heat driving a car.

I just wonder if this is to be the pattern in our twilight years?

Bob Swallow



Note - Boots has been asked for a comment