I HAD a nasty, full-lengh fall on the crossing in Kirkgate, Silsden, near the Methodist Church.

I was rescued by passers-by; ladies and gentlemen. I realised that one lady took control in a very nice way. I asked for her name as she was taking me to Airedale Hospital in her car - Amy Fenton, Steeton. My eyes were closed during all this on Saturday, June 24.

Amy soon had me in A&E, whcih was packed. However I was soon given attention, dealing with a messy gash on my forehead and having an X-Ray - result: broken collar bone.

I had a spell in Airedale and was well cared for. When it was thought I could come home with help from my daughter, Helen, they arranged for me to have carers at home for a month, four times a day. A lovely group of ladies, and very helpful.

I am making progress and the physiotherapist said my collar bone would be healed by the end of the month.

Sheila Gooch


Note: Mrs Gooch has said she would like to thank Amy in person and asks if Amy will contact the Craven Herald - email: news@cravenherald.co.uk for a contact number.