I AM so upset and angry that the plan to demolish the superb mill chimney in Earby is still to happen in order to build more houses (Green light given for homes on mill site, Craven Herald, September 14). I'm truly disgusted by the comments made by councillors in the article saying that bricks from the chimney should be used to make a feature, as in a mini-chimney "as a nod to the history of the site." What an appalling attitude.

I drive all over the place in Yorkshire and Lancashire as I go on varied countryside walks. I go through many hamlets, villages and small towns which still have their chimneys standing proudly above other buildings, showing the history of the area for all to see, often with the original stone sheds still there and houses built around them.

Why does our chimney have to be demolished and its bricks used in other things as a nod to the history?

It says also that the building developers say retaining the chimney and Brook Shed is not financially possible and they will pull out if this was part of their deal. I say then let them pull out and employ a company instead who will understand how people feel about this atrocious possibility and work out how to keep the chimney and shed while providing a smaller number of houses around them.

Do not let the Earby chimney be destroyed and bricks from it used as a 'nod' to the history!

Tessa Bird