THE  Prime Minister is believed to be scaling back on some of the costly green pledges that this country has been bulldozed into by eco-zealots.

About time too, it is ridiculous to stop something until a viable alternative and the infrastructure to service it exists across the whole country and not just the southern metropolitan areas that many in the Establishment believe constitutes this country.

While he’s at it maybe he should have the truth about all things renewable put into mainstream media so the public can see the actual truth about how environmentally friendly the renewable dream we are being sold by those with vested interests really is.

We all want to protect the planet, but not when we are being conned into accepting or buying things that in many cases are no better for the environment than what they are replacing.

Do all those in Parliament, whether their privileged backsides be on red or green benches, really believe that all these net zero targets, some set in law, will really be achieved within the time frames or at all?.

Or are they just nodding in agreement knowing that when the time comes they will have headed for the hills with their fat pensions and it will be somebody else’s problem?.

Paul Morley

Long Preston