I’VE been thinking about the liberal elite, the people who think that they know best how to run the country with everything that entails.

Whatever the common man like you and me vote for, this elite has its fingers in all the high level pies and believes the likes of us are too thick to understand all this even though we pay their wages.

Obviously they are Europhiles and Remainers to the soles of their boots so despise those knuckle-draggers amongst us who voted to get our country back.

We have only been out the EU for a couple of years but already this amazing elite are certain that it was an experiment that has failed miserably so we need to re-join the club. Yet, what is both sad and frightening is that with knife, gun and other violent crime out of control, shoplifters given a free pass to steal what they want and being an illegal immigrant in this country almost a badge of honour the liberal elite won't call time on that other failed experiment.

Surely you remember the one, the elite will because they started it. It must be 40 odd years ago (funnily enough about the length of time we were in the EU) when our elite decided that criminals were victims and everything and everybody else was to blame for the crimes they committed.

Sending them to prison would harm they and if they were so bad that they had to go inside it had to be the shortest possible sentence and then only serve half of it.

Surely even the most devoted member of the elite can see that that experiment sadly failed far more years ago than the time we have been out of the EU, so come on chaps do the decent thing, admit your mistakes and let's get criminals fearing the laws of this land and not just treating them as an unlikely occupational hazard.

Paul Morley

Long Preston