BARCLAYS closure came as no surprise because that's what Barclays do. (Barclays to close its Skipton branch, Craven Herald, December 7).

This follows the closure of their branches in Nelson, Colne, Earby, Barnoldswick, Cross Hills and Keighley.

No problem they say as customers are given the choice of going to Burnley or Bradford! Alternatively one can ring a Leicester telephone number, (just the one single number for the whole of the UK!)

I have just moved my main account after 62 years with Barclays to an excellent bank nearly opposite in the High Street, specifically after Barclays closed a long-standing charity account without any reason and without any notice.

This left the church charity unable to function with no means of receiving donations and dividends, and unable to make day to day transactions. A request to immediately reinstate it was met with a complete refusal but just an offer to open a new account to replace it and that I was told it would take between 12 and 18 months!

My complaint is now in the hands of The Banking Ombudsman.

Robert Hall