AT a time when the NHS is under attack from all sides I feel I must report my experience in Airedale Accident and Emergency on what appeared to be a very busy Sunday night.

I was advised to attend A&E after speaking with NHS 111 and arrived around 8.30pm with just two seats together for my wife and I.

Around 15 minutes later I was in triage for ECG and bloods. This was followed shortly after time later with a physical examination by a junior doctor, whose initial diagnosis was a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Analysis of urine sample added further evidence for the initial diagnosis. There was a longer wait for the results of the blood tests (to be expected on a busy night) but these finally confirmed a UTI.

Short wait for antibiotics and then on my way home. I am now fully on the mend and am eternally grateful for the care and treatment I received.

Nigel Singleton