A REPORT I read in the national press shows that this country’s Climate Change Committee only looked at a single year of data regarding the number of windy and sunny days before making pronouncements on the extent to which the UK could rely on wind and solar farms to meet net zero.

Well I’m no expert but even I can see that that is hardly reliable scientific evidence. Does anyone on this committee actually have any relevant qualifications in this field?

As I write this listening to the windows be rattled in their frames by the latest storm, who’s name escapes me, a thought struck me. The eco doom-mongers who tell us that this type of weather is to become the norm also tell us that wind power will keep us supplied with sufficient energy without fossil fuels.

But surely, when wind speeds hit around 45-50 miles per hour, wind turbines have to be shut down. So if we get more of this windy weather we will get less energy production. Bit of a re-think needed perhaps.

Paul Morley

Long Preston