IMAGINE if Gaza was New York City. Imagine just over one per cent of New York City dead. This would translate into one million Americans killed, over half children, with thousands unaccounted for since their bodies lie under rubble.

Imagine Manhattan deprived of water, food, electricity and gas for months; most hospitals and places of worship, including cemeteries, demolished; and all universities (eg Columbia, NYU) demolished. Imagine a quarter of the population starving, people forced to eat grass to survive, disease setting in. Imagine a place which has had more bombs dropped on it per week than were dropped per year in the war against Afghanistan.

Would we allow this to happen to New York City? To Americans? To anywhere or any peoples in Europe?

As the International Court of Justice has ruled, the systematic “genocidal intent” of Israel, fully funded, armed and supported by the US, must stop immediately. But on it goes. Holocaust Remembrance Day’s message is never again: this means never again for anyone, including the Palestinians.

Bruce McLeod