WHEN I left school in 1962 I started work at Barclays’ Skipton branch, which was then in Caroline Square prior to the merger with Martins Bank when the branch moved into the present premises.

During my time at Skipton I was responsible for running three sub-branches on different days each week in Grassington, Kettlewell and Buckden. This was a very enjoyable time and I got to know many of the then residents of the Dale head, and indeed spent many Saturday evenings contributing to the profits of the Buck Inn. The sub-branches were closed many years ago.

After four and a half years I was transferred to 10 Market Street, Bradford branch – a bit of a culture shock moving from a branch with nine staff to one with more than 80. This branch also had a sub-branch, on Leeds Road, which I ran – that also long closed, the parent branch still operating.

My next transfer was to Idle branch, also with a sub-branch in Bramley – both now closed. After that, I transferred to King Street, Leeds – now closed and then to the “showpiece” branch on Park Row, Leeds – also now closed. My last transfer prior to leaving Barclays was to Silver Street, Halifax…guess what…yes, now closed.

In my own defence I must point out that I was in no way responsible for these closures, they happened long after I had left in 1979!

Julian Hide