I REFER to the article 'Heavy vehicles put 'lives at risk' claim, Craven Herald, January 18. The article gave more examples of North Yorkshire Council's inconsistent and piecemeal approach to road safety and traffic management.

As Captain and Mrs Wood pointed out, Rectory Lane, Skipton, is clearly marked with a weight limit of 7.5t and has NYC signage directing HGV and coaches to turn right down to Newmarket Street.

I have previously suggested to NYC Highways that 'preferred routes' for HGV and coaches through Skipton should be signposted (and monitored) but little is in evidence. We were all told that the new roundabout off the bypass would reduce heavy traffic through the town centre; but we haven't noticed much of that, with M&S/Tesco/Morrison's deliveries regularly causing hold-ups - and what about the new HGV route to Engine Shed Lane industrial estate?

Why not designate a specific town car park for coaches - Cavendish Street? and then direct cars to the two other town centre ones? Exit signage should be included, showing the preferred route (s) to the A59/A65/A629 etc.

Why not have a new traffic management policy for our town centres?

Major (Ret'd) Paul Emsley