AFTER two years of war in Ukraine what have we learnt?

1 - That resistance by any means to occupation is a right, as enshrined by Protocol 1 of the Geneva Conventions. This is a right we now applaud (though do not apply to Palestinians).

2 - That we should and can embrace refugees fleeing war zones. This is an action we now applaud (though do not extend to others fleeing war).

3 -That we should display solidarity with the occupied and speak out against occupation. This is a something we as a people do well, as the numerous demonstrations show (but our media and politicians apply selectively).

We’ve also learnt that the stalemate in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea is pretty much the same as it was in 2014. Except now, in just two years, close to half a million Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have died.

It is now clear (eg- see NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s admission) that this was a wholly avoidable war; and every opportunity to negotiate a treaty or a ceasefire has been rebuffed by the US, who is calling the shots and funding the shooting.

Bruce McLeod