ON Thursday May 2 voters across the whole of York and North Yorkshire will have the opportunity to vote for who they would like to be their first Mayor. This is an enormous job that involves speaking on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people and the biggest county in England.

The Mayor will lead on crucial issues such as economic development and policing. The candidate selected by the Green Party is North Yorkshire Councillor Kevin Foster who has proved a hugely positive influence on that giant county’s new council. He is a former soldier who has firm and longstanding roots in his local community and is passionate about environmental issues and the economic wellbeing of local people.

If local residents would like to hear what he stands for, tell him what issues matter to them and question him then they are very welcome to come along on Saturday March 30 at 12 noon to hear him launch his campaign in our area at the Broughton Road Community Centre, 66 Broughton Road near Skipton Station.

Councillor Andy Brown

Green Party