MODALITY are so trumpetingly proud of their online “booking form” (Patients at GP practices let down by online booking system, Craven Herald online).

You’ll hear all about it several times if you phone – and get through. So when is the best time of day for us to fill in the several pages of required information? I submit that it’s not between 8am and 4pm, when we’re at work, travelling, looking after the house. That's obviously the worst time block.

But that’s when we have to do it. Not in the evening when life’s slowed down, not early-ish in the morning which seems to be the prime time for feeling dicky. In other words this form sets out to create difficulties in communication, thus having entirely the opposite effect to its intention.

And, of course, at weekends, there’s no filling it in at all. Why not? And why isn’t it possible to fill in the form at any time, and send it when this programme switches on at 8am? This form has widened the gap between the medical staff and the poor patients. The doctors and nurses tend to grit their teeth when the request form’s shambolic design is mentioned.

Allan Friswell