MY wife and I had the recent misfortune to visit Barclays 'new' 'Local', Swadford Hub, Swadford Street, Skipton.  (MP opens new 'Barclays Local' in Skipton, Craven Herald, March 11).

More stairs than you can shake a stick at to climb! Once we had reached the top of Everest, we proceeded to go inside to the room, where two staff sat with customers at their respective desks.

After five minutes we were asked to leave the room and sit outside, to give those customers some privacy. Even though once sat in the room, there is little or no privacy anyhow.

A squalid room bereft of any discernible features. No senior staff around, just two poor souls left to hold the fort and take the inevitable flak. Clearly this is how Barclays see their customers now, an irrelevance. No longer wanting to be customer facing.

I first opened my account in my home town of Wells Next Sea, Norfolk, some 40 years ago, of course that branch has long since closed!

Looking around that sorry state of an excuse for a 'Bank,' I thought has it really come to this?

Imagine my surprise when I then ventured into Skipton Building Society, my first time, and was greeted with a smile and hello, a fresh and airy building, a professional approach. I was even offered a tea or coffee, after that experience at Barclays I really needed a Scotch!!

M D Clipston

Cross Hills