I AGREE in part with the letter from Dr Saywell (Hub not something to celebrate, Craven Herald Letters, March 21). The decision by Barclays to close its branch and open a cashless hub is a huge disappointment especially for small businesses and charities who still deal with cash.

However, I can say that our MP Julian Smith did his upmost to persuade Barclays to change its decision. I raised the issue with him as a Barclays customer and having been involved in cash transactions at the bank on behalf of a charity. He immediately made contact with Barclays setting out the concerns locally.

Sadly, the reply made it clear that, in spite of the supposed consultation, Barclays would not be reversing its decision. The best that would be done was to open a hub. Hence I do not think that Julian Smith was present at the opening to celebrate but rather to acknowledge that there was at least still a Barclays presence in Skipton.

John Dawson