APPARENTLY members are being sought for the independent panel which decides on levels of pay for North Yorkshire Council's 90 councillors. Your chance to help to decide councillors’ pay and expenses, Craven Herald April 5 online).

I have no idea what the going rate of a councillor is, probably not much as it's one of those jobs with power but little need for years of training and experience, bit like being an MP. However, why not pay them on their achievements and fulfilling the aims that they got themselves elected on. Same should go for MPs really.

If this idea was adopted, with the people who pay their wages - us residents - being the arbiters of their performance we would find out who was there to do their bit for the public good and who was just there for the money. By heck do you remember those days, selfless service for the public good, an old concept lost in the mists of time.

Paul Morley

Long Preston