I APPLAUD Councillor Simon Myers plea in the Gargrave council meeting for us all to use the new train service from Hellifield to Manchester and I wish I could implement his request that we use it , however the service offered is laughable.  (Hellifield- Manchester rail service could expand to weekdays, Craven Herald, April 4 online). 

One train ( on a Saturday when a lot of people are working by the way ) from Hellifield with no suitable connection from Gargrave or Skipton , a journey taking one and three quarter hours with only two hours in Manchester before the only return train departs .

Barely time to have a relaxed meal or shop at leisure and certainly not time to do both.

So a 3.5 hour train journey for two hours in Manchester and no connections so you have to drive to Hellifield thus ruling out an alcoholic beverage as well .

Like I say , like Councillor Myers wish I could support this service but it's a non- starter.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I'd say the train company has deliberately made this service non-viable so they can turn round and say there is no demand.

Gary R Procter