YORK and North Yorkshire Combined Authority this week issued an information booklet regarding the forthcoming election which would have been more use if some of the deadlines hadn’t already passed (registration -April 16) or were so close (voter ID - 5pm on the day the booklet was received) that no action could be taken.

Goodness knows how much it cost to produce and distribute this useless literature to every registered elector.

CW Burton


In response, The York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority’s returning officer, Richard Flinton, who is the chief executive of North Yorkshire Council, said:

“Having the responsibility to deliver the mayoral election, North Yorkshire Council is working with City of York Council to engage with nearly 640,000 people who are registered to vote across York and North Yorkshire to make them aware of the significance of the election.

“The law states that a candidate’s address booklet must be produced by the combined authority returning officer and sent to every person who is eligible to vote.

“The legislation says that each voter must be sent their own copy so that they have a chance to see the booklet, who is standing for election and what the candidates are saying.

“Priority for receiving these booklets was given to postal voters to coincide with postal vote packs landing.

“However, the booklet has been available online on the mayoral combined authority’s website since April 8. Details are available at www.yorknorthyorks-ca.gov.uk/mayor/