I HAVE serious concerns about vehicles parking at night against the direction of the traffic flow which is in the 'must not' category as provided in paragraph 248 of the Highway Code. Several cars in my street often do this and I am sure it is quite prevalent elsewhere in the county. It is dangerous and illegal.

I have reported this crime to the North Yorkshire Police and the official response was "At this stage it will be logged with no further action from ourselves, the advice would be to contact the council as they would be the organisation to enforce these rules."

So, I followed the police advice and contacted North Yorkshire Council and they advised me to fill out a 'speed concern form', which they confirmed categorically would be passed onto the relevant authority. The official response was, in essence “nothing to do with us” and suggested that I report any alleged illegal parking to North Yorkshire Police! So the circle of being given the run around was complete!

It's a simple question to either authority - Who is responsible for this matter? And who, therefore, will take some action? Neither will give me an answer, notwithstanding that It is clear a crime is being committed and I maintain it is therefore up to the police to investigate and prosecute such incursions.

John Stolarczyk,

Cross Hills