OH, congratulations to those in control: The wild flowers on the verges have been cut again at the wrong time, which means they are once more damaged, along with the insects which are essential for our salvation, the birds and small mammals.

For decades I, with many concerned people, have been warning about the decline of nature (which we depend on) and nothing is done about a crisis, which is the worst the world has ever had to face. According to the news, we have only five years to save our beautiful planet and our own lives. Will enough be done? No.

We have this national park, which was created to protect animals, plants, birds and humanity from extinction but humanity (us) flood the area with cars, pollution, mass human activity, such as charity walks, and we ignore the danger we all are in.

I love my grandchildren and would like to think they can escape harm - but will that happen?

Hilary Fenten