THE ladies will be taking centre stage on Sunday April 15 at Grove Park as North Ribblesdale Rugby Club host a rugby festival for women.

The event will start at 12:30pm and is open to any female aged 17 or over.

The aim of the afternoon is to give new rugby players an opportunity to play in a match environment so that they can gain experience.

Teams participating on the day will be development sides, consisting of players who are new to the game.

Attendees are encouraged to turn up on the date with a pair of boots, ready to get straight into the action.

For more information, people can get in touch at

Experienced players are also encouraged to attend the festival if they wish to join the local female side.

For those who cannot make the festival, ladies training is held at North Ribblesdale Rugby Club, Grove Park every Monday night at 7pm for those who are aged 17 or over. Those interested can get in touch for more information.