THE welcome change in the weather to warm and calm conditions appears to have brought about an improvement in sport on all the local waters.

Just before the change, Whinnygill Reservoir witnessed the capture of a couple of fine fish that fell to the rod of Skipton member, Malcolm Mawson, one of which was a record breaker and the other one was very close to following suit.

Fishing close in to the bank on the moor side during the evening using a worm on float tackle, 1.5kg breaking strain line and a size 16 hook, Malcolm hooked and landed a good chub that weighed 1,140g and broke Simon Chenier’s 2015 record fish of 850g.

More was to come however, and after casting in again, Malcolm was soon in to a big fish that fought for around fifteen minutes before it could be brought to the net.

To his surprise, Chenier saw that it was a very good brown trout estimated to be approximately 64cm in length and weighing 3,020g, just 20g below the current Whinnygill and Skipton AA record brownie caught in 2017 by Michael Ickringill.

There were no identifying marks on the fish to link it with the record fish but in all probability it was the same trout, have lost a few grammes over winter.

Some Skipton members are convinced that the reservoir holds even bigger trout with fish being seen taking good roach whilst being played by anglers and even large toads swimming in the water.

Sport with rainbows and tiger trout at Embsay Reservoir has been very good over the Bank Holiday period with catches of 20 fish in a session.

Fish are rising well to the fly and equally taking the worm on float tackle. Brownies are not too plentiful at the moment.

Canal specialist angler Ernie Ramsbotham had also been among the fish in the last couple of days with a very heavy bag of adult bream up to 1,820g, perch to 900g and a single roach to about 340g.

A return visit to the same location was not as successful but still managed to produce one or two good bream and perch to make the trip worthwhile.