GOING into this Saturday's game at South Leicester, Wharfedale coach John Feeley praised the attacking prowess the Greens showed against Macclesfield last weekend.

"You've got to give credit to both teams for the way they played the game," said Feeley. "There were two very good attacking sides."

Wharfedale scored 35 points and tallied six tries in a game which saw 60 points put on the board for both teams.

"That was our highest try return this year," said Feeley, who Greens took all five points from the game. "We were really good in open play and they found us difficult to contain.

"We're keen to seize on any opportunity, irrelevant of where we are on the pitch.

"The Avenue faithful want to see good rugby, and that's what we want to play."

He said the Greens sometimes can find it hard to reign in their attacking instincts.

"After half-time we perhaps pushed our luck with our attacking play," said Feeley. "We could have been more conservative and played the percentages."

With all of the open rugby Wharfedale are playing, Feeley was keen to give credit to the hardworking players in the trenches.

"We can lose sight of the guys who do the unglamorous works of the forwards," he said. "They have been playing particularly well."

Looking ahead to this Saturday's game at South Leicester, Feeley thinks there are some improvements that can be made in Wharfedale's kicking game.

Feeley has been hard at work studying video to analyse South Leicester's game at Stourbridge at the weekend, where the two teams scored over 100 points, as South Leicester lost 57-45.

"They have some firepower in attack, but they also gave up a lot of points in that game," said Feeley, who added: "They have close links with the Leicester Tigers, and I think they get a lot of their players from the Premiership side."

Matt Houghton, who is recovering from a chest injury, will be looking to pass a fitness to play against South Leicester.

The match kicks off at 3pm.