IT was a case of two halves for Skipton Winter League competitors when they lined up on the Aireville Park length of the canal at Skipton last Sunday.

Conditions were quite reasonable apart from a spell of light rain midway through the three-hour match, but it was only the fish on the stretch between the swing bridge and Brewery Lane that were in a feeding mood.

Those that were pegged towards Broughton Road had to contend with just the odd small roach, perch or nothing at all.

Andrew Leatt won the match with 2570g whilst Andy Wharton was a close second with 2350g and Jason Aldis third with 2150g. Other leading weights were: 4 Steve McElroy 1700g, 5 Mark Bradley 900g, 6 Roy Veevers 120g, 7 John Heaton 80g and 8 Russell Heaton 70g. Needless to say, quite a few ended up fishless.

In the pairs event, Andrew Leatt (no partner) won with his 2570g whilst Wharton and Thomas were runners-up with 2350g. Other leading weights were: 3 Heaton and Aldis 2190g, 4 McElroy and Veevers 1820g, 5 Davenport and Bradley 900g, 6 J Heaton and Young 80g, 7 Chenier and Thornton 70g and 8 Ramsbotham and Mawson 30g.

With three matches remaining to be fished, there has been some movement amongst the leading competitors in both the individual and pairs league positions.

Jason Aldis and Andy Wharton have both moved up in the individual with Bill Davenport and Kenny Wright going in the opposite direction.

Aldis and R Heaton have maintained their top position in the pairs with Wright and Eason and Ramsbotham and Mawson suffering a reversal.

The leading positions are: Individuals - 1 J Aldis 20 points, 2 R Thornton 23, 3 A Wharton 26, 4, R Heaton 29, 5 W Davenport 33, 6 A Leatt 43, 7 K Wright 44 and 8 W Eason 48; Pairs - 1 Aldis and Heaton 11, 2 Chenier and Thornton 18, 3 Wharton and Thomas 19, 4 Davenport and Bradley 21, 5 Wright and Eason and Ramsbotham and Mawson 25, 7 A Leatt 31 and 8 McIlroy and Veevers 36.

The next match will be on the Broughton Road length of the canal at Skipton on Sunday, November 25.