IN what seems to be an acceptance that conceded matches are a part of the cricketing furniture these days, the Mewies Solicitors Craven League are proposing that penalties for non-fulfilment of games be scrapped.

The league’s executive committee want the fines of £12.50 for first teams and £7.50 for second and third teams to be waived.

In addition, they feel that clubs should not be docked league points either.

The league’s executive committee are proposing that if a second team concedes there is no one-point penalty for that club’s first or third teams, and that if a third team concedes there is no one-point punishment for that club’s first or second teams.

Meanwhile, they also want innings in Division Four to be shortened by five overs to 40 overs and the maximum number of overs that a bowler can deliver be reduced from 12 to 10.

Also the league want a dialogue between captains and umpires at the end of matches where panel umpires are involved before the match reports are completed.

All of the rules revision proposals will be voted on at the league’s annual meeting at Cross Hills Social Club on Monday, December 3 (7.30pm).

Following the executive committee meeting that followed the rules revision meeting, it was agreed that the latest time that an away club can contact their opponents without incurring costs for tea expenses was 8pm on Friday before a Saturday match.