A SKIPTON gymnastics club won 44 medals and crowned five champions in a competition at Southport last week.

Craven Gymnastics Club travelled to the All Stars Gymnastics Academy in Southport to compete in the four-piece invitational competition against four other clubs.

They sent 21 girls and came away with their best results ever, 44 medals and five all around champions.

The results were:

Age 11 middle: Rosie Snell - 3rd floor, 1st beam, 2nd bars and 1st overall; Tess Lewis - 3rd vault and 1st bars.

Age 12 lower: Molly Hay - 2nd floor, 1st vault, 3rd beam, 1st floor and 1st overall.

Age 13+ lower: Emily Hay - 1st floor, 3rd vault and 3rd overall; Molly Bond - 3rd bars.

Age 10 middle: Elisha Emmott - 2nd vault, 1st beam, 3rd bars and 1st overall; Rosa Atkinson - 1st floor, 2nd bars, 2nd overall; Freya Shuttleworth - 3rd floor, 2nd vault, 3rd beam; Beth Parker - 3rd vault, 3rd beam, Ella Swift - 1st bars.

Age 8 lower: Stella Osborne - 2nd floor, 1st beam, 1st bars and 1st overall; Emily Williams - 1st beam.

Age 9 lower: Maisey Winspear - 3rd floor, 2nd beam, 2nd bar and 2nd overall; Amber Teale - 2nd floor, 3rd vault, 3rd beam.

Age 12 middle: Kate Boumphry - 1st floor, 1st beam, 1st bars and 1st overall; Abigail Whiteoak - 3rd floor, 3rd vault.

Age 13+ middle: Isabelle Green - 2nd vault, 1st bars and 2nd overall; Jasmine Gaunt - 2nd bars.

Age 12 higher: Katie Wilkinson - 2nd floor, 2nd beam, 1st bars and 2nd overall.

Alice Newsham and Jenny Whitaker had an amazing competition but were just outside the medal table, and they performed new routines and new moves.