APART from a couple of days last weekend the weather has continued to be a deterrent to angling with generally low temperatures, gusty winds and occasional periods of wet weather which have brought about higher water levels.

In spite of all this, the canal and the river have seen some anglers in action with reasonable catches of fish being recorded.

Still waters such as Embsay and Whinnygill reservoirs have only seen the odd angler in action and the sport has been almost non-existent.

Around Skipton the canal is currently the place to catch fish and the popular spots seem to be able to guarantee success with small to reasonable sized roach, perch and skimmer bream falling to the maggot, bread and even a small length of worm.

Pike are active in the area around the basin with fish up 4.5kg falling for the dead bait or a spun artificial lure.

However, the large perch that tend to frequent this length at this time of the year prior to spawning are still absent.

On the River Aire, the higher reaches are producing some of the best fishing with the length between Heslaker Lane and Inghey Bridge being particularly productive.

Sweet corn and bread have accounted for some decent chub to 1.5kg and quite a few smaller fish which indicates that the species is continuing its recovery on this stretch of river.

The worm and maggot is attracting plenty of grayling, especially from the Funkirk Farm and upstream length.

Most of the fish are around 20 to 25cm in length with just the occasional bigger fish. Brown trout are also plentiful but are out of season.

Downstream at Snaygill, pike anglers have been trying their luck for maybe a 10kg fish but recently have been thwarted by the rise in the river level over last weekend.

Recent catches have seen fish to around the 3.6kg mark being brought to the net after taking a dead bait.

Future prospects would benefit from a settled spell of dry and milder weather, but at the moment this is unlikely to materialise until after the weekend at the earliest.