Wharfedale 4ths 24

Halifax Vandals 2nds 52

A DEPLETED Wharfedale 4ths side lost 52-24 at Halifax Vandals at the weekend.

Wharfedale travelled to Halifax with just 13 men, but Halifax duly lent Wharfedale one man for the first half and a second one in the second half.

The first half was an evenly matched contest and despite being a man down, Wharfedale had the lion's share of possession and led 24-21 at the half-time whistle.

As the second half wore on despite now having full 15, Vandals took advantage of their sloping pitch and began to build up to a final score which did not reflect this hard fought battle.

Jonathan Davies scored two tries and had two conversions for Wharfedale, while E Walker and P O'Brien scored one try each.