OF the Skipton Angling Association’s two trout waters, Embsay Reservoir is continuing to provide the best sport although its length of the River Aire is beginning to see more anglers fishing and also catching fish.

Weather-wise, the last week has not been too bad although a cool easterly wind has persisted and over night the temperature has been low with even a touch of frost.

There has been very little in the way of rain and the level on the river is now more or less normal for the time of year.

At Embsay Reservoir, the recently introduced rainbows are continuing to be the mainstay of the fishing followed by a few tigers and just the odd brownie.

Recent catches have been taken mainly on the fly, small lures and light spinning tackle.

Most fish are in the 1kg range with the occasional fish to maybe around the 1250g mark.

Some of the rainbows, probably last year’s stock fish that have over-wintered, are in poor condition and need careful handling before being returned to the water to regain condition.

On the River Aire there are signs that the fishing is improving and the fish that have been caught so far are generally in a decent condition and putting up a good fight.

The worm is the best bait at the moment and has accounted for some brownies to over the 1kg mark.

Smaller trout are reasonably numerous in the pools and need careful handling when removing the hook.

On the Bradford City’s fly only length from Inghey Bridge upstream to Gargrave, there have been quite a few anglers fishing in the past few days and the fishing can be described as moderate but should improve as the temperature increases.

On both the Skipton and Bradford lengths, there has been no reports so far of any outstanding fish being caught but that is not to say that there are none about.

Trout of above the 1.8kg mark have become quite numerous in the Aire over the last few years with one fish reaching just over 3kg.

With catch and return now being the norm on the river it may be possible that the deep water stretches from Snaygill downstream may be holding a 4.5kg plus specimen.