WITH the continuation of the cold and often quite strong easterly wind over the past seven days, it has effectively put a stop to anglers who had only just started fishing the local length of the River Aire.

During a visit to the river last weekend, only two anglers were to be seen in action and they reported the fishing was very poor.

A similar situation occurred at Embsay Reservoir where it can still be cold even at the height of summer if an east wind is blowing, and even more so when the wind originates well into the continent as it has been recently.

According to the weather forecast, temperatures should gradually rise until the mercury reaches the 20 degrees C mark at the weekend.

Should this prove to be accurate then sport on all waters will show a marked improvement although a lack of flow may be the next thing to affect sport.

The Angling Trust together with the Environment Agency and numerous police forces, have begun Operation Clampdown in the six English regions which will last during the present coarse fishing season until June 15.

Assisting them will be over 400 volunteer bailiffs, who are part of the Angling Trust’s Voluntary Bailiff Service run in partnership with the EA and funded by rod licence income.

More bailiffs are currently being trained and will be inducted into this highly successful initiative.

Operation Clampdown volunteers will be patrolling their local rivers and reporting any suspect activity to the EA and police if witnessing offences of illegal fishing during the close season on relevant waterways.

The maximum fine that can be imposed for fishing illegally during the close season is £50,000.

In 2018, the bailiffs carried out 3,068 patrols totalling 6,555 hours including 30 patrols with the police and 41 with the EA and reported 145 close season and other illegal incidents, amounting to a total of 252 offences.

These included licence offences, use of banned baits and attempting to foul hook fish in spawning shoals with spinning equipment.

The Voluntary Bailiff Service is currently recruiting throughout England (except the South East region) in readiness for mandatory induction and training days being run this spring.

Anyone wishing to apply should contact karen.sarker@anglingtrust.net