WHEN Guy Kendrew put a boot down in the opening section of Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club's Chris Carter Trophy S3 Parts Championship Trial in Dob Park on Sunday, three championship points went down in the mud and the chance of winning the sixth event in the S3 Parts Championship.

That was all that it required for Dan Thorpe to do the double on Sunday after winning the class last week at the Lomax Trial.

Ironically, the section at the west end of Dob Park is well used as an opener and only four riders dropped marks out of the 26 contenders.

The only inter class competitor Louis Haley dropped marks and was one of the course officials.

And the sting in the tail - over forties Thorpe won on farthest clean.

The sun broke through on Sunday morning as 98 contenders headed to the first of nine sections in Dob Park.

The Sword Point group came up after the river section in the valley where Tom Minta, James Fry, Sam Beecroft-Penny, Sam Yeadon, John Crinson and Emma Bristow dropped a mark.

The dramatic nigh vertical Crossers's Rocks brought out the real contenders.

Only East Morten's Martin Crosswaite, Thorpe, Guy Kendrew and Jack Price nailed it then Chris Stay arrived and really hammered.

Sadler was near right but dabbed on the rock as the Gas Gas tried to escape - downwards.

Minta was another who sunk into the bike swallowing rock cleft and he managed the leg the bike clear and up for a three.

The Over 40's North Wales veteran Phil Houghton added another 17 points to his championship scoreline.

In second, Jamie Stephenson yielded another 17 score to match his Lomax ride which should put him on 99 points and a mile ahead of Kieran Hankin.

In the clubman class, Richard Fraiser's fourth in the Lomax and runner-up in the Carter should put the Richmond rider on 88 points, while Simon Hiscock climbs to second place on 59.

The Wainwright Trial on June 23 is the next stepping stone for all classes.