TWELVE gymnasts from Craven Gymnastics Club competed in the invitational two-piece competition at All Stars Academy of Gymnastics at Southport.

The Craven area gymnasts competed in three levels of competition against three other clubs, and bought home a lot of medals.

The results were: Age 8 lower - Annie Auckland, 2nd floor, 1st vault, 2nd overall; Age 10 lower - Amber Teale, 3rd vault; Maisey Winspear, 3rd floor; Age 11 middle - Elisha Emmott, 3rd floor, 1st vault, 3rd overall; Freya Shuttleworth, 2nd floor, 3rd vault, 2nd overall; Jessie Allen, 2nd vault; Rosa Atkinson, 1st floor, 2nd vault, 1st overall; Age 12 middle - Tess Lewis, 3rd floor, 3rd vault, 2nd overall; Age 13 middle - Molly Hay, 3rd floor, 2nd vault; Age 13 higher - Katie Wilkinson, 1st floor, 3rd vault, 2nd overall; Scarlett Taylor, 3rd floor.

Matilda Green had a great first ever competition and finished just outside the medals on floor in fourth.

The club takes gymnasts of all ages from pre-school to its new adult classes.

To join the club or for more information, email or ring 07522 760239.