FOR a change, the Skipton Angling Association will be using Embsay Reservoir for this Sunday’s taster day instead of Whinnygill Reservoir, which has seen all such events from their inception.

Whinnygill will be used for the second taster day in August.

At Embsay, the procedure will be the same except that all children must be accompanied by an adult (parent, relative or friend) during the entire time they are fishing.

The event commences at 10am and concludes at 4pm. It is open to both children and adults who wish to consider trying their hand at fishing or for those who may like to refresh their angling skills.

All tackle and bait will be provided together with local knowledge of methods and the reservoir.

Last week’s evening fly fishing match on Embsay attracted an entry of five anglers of whom four managed to catch one trout each.

Conditions could have been better with a strong easterly wind and generally cool weather.

Fishing on Whinnygill Reservoir has continued to be good with pleasure anglers recording some excellent bags of roach, perch, ide and skimmers mainly from in the region of the pipes. The odd tench has also turned up but carp are not being reported by anyone.

The wet and cool weather may be holding them back but is not affecting most of the reservoir’s fish.

Fly fishermen on the upper Aire have seen an improvement of late with some good brown trout falling mainly to the nymph, the railway length towards Delaneys being particularly productive.

Below Inghey Bridge, the worm had attracted some decent brownies including a fish of over the 900g mark.

Now that the coarse fishing season has opened, all legal baits may now be used on rivers except where club rules dictate otherwise.

It will be interesting to see if any grayling or chub are caught in the Skipton lengths as only the odd fish has turned up recently by those fishing for trout on the worm.

Prospects for all waters will certainly improve once the weather takes a turn for the better with higher temperatures being at the top of the list.

The recent rain has increased water levels and the Aire was lucky to escape the very high water levels experienced in the east.

John W Preston