TWO Wharfedale players helped Cumbria beat Dorset and Wiltshire 23-13 to win the Bill Beaumont Division Three Shield.

Matty Houghton wore the captain's armband and Ben Leacock led the line-out for Cumbria, who were victorious in the game at Twickenham.

Dorset and Wiltshire kicked off to start the game in bright but breezy conditions and it was almost six minutes before they touched the ball again as the Cumbrian team were ably led from the front by skipper Houghton, who drove relentlessly forward to gain a foothold in their opponent's half.

Cumbria continued to attack and were rewarded after 12 minutes with a try by Henry Wainwright. Mark Ireland of Sheffield Tigers converted to give Cumbria a 7-0 lead.

After a penalty by Ireland increased the lead to 10-0, Dorset and Wiltshire responded with a try to cut the score to 10-5

After two more penalties by Ireland, Leacock forced a key turnover and Houghton led his charges into half-time with a 16-5 lead.

In the second half, a second try and penalty saw Dorset and Wiltshire cut the lead to 16-13.

Then with just minutes left, Cumbria were awarded a scrum, from which Gary Hodgson scored in the corner. Ireland's fine conversion made the final score 23-13.